A commercial photographer for over years, I have built a successful career in a very competitive field by bringing a consistent vision to a very diverse client base. As both a people and, more recently, a still life and architectural photographer, for clients that range from magazines to ad agencies etc., I thrives on the variety in the projects I tackle. “Every day is something different doing exactly what I love.” , and I wouldn’t have it any other way. What stays the same is my approach. “I take out everything that isn’t absolutely necessary, until the only elements that remain are those which are entirely essential; the best photographs are usually the simplest.”

I see work of photo-artist as a continuous search of the beauty and harmony in the surrounding world and in myself. High skill needed to concentrate these energies of Light in the photographic work, which, then itself begins to emit them, lightening environment.

My approach to Photography? Reduced to it’s basic essentials, a good commercial image is simply a photo that will show your products or services at their very best, and promote feelings of confidence and trust in your brand.? The approach to this is to learn exactly what you need to convey to your customers and then to produce photos that say it all for you.

Diverse Creative Vision / Solid Business Values I simply intend to communicate the three pillars of Photography: Creativity – A true creative vision over a range of specialties that transcends the simplicity and limitations of a simple technical style. Consistency – The ability to deliver strong imagery in every setup, and to plan and maintain a thematic look appropriate to your particular project. Credibility – Over fifteen years experience as a working professional photographer with the ability to maintain long term relationships by providing quality and expertise delivered on time and on budget.